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31 things to do instead of drinking during Dry January

Here’s a list of things that you can try if you need something to do during Dry January. Remember, the most important thing is to find activities that bring you joy and help you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

  1. Go for a walk or run – free and cleans your head
  2. Take a yoga or exercise class – endorphines for the win
  3. Try a new hobby, like painting or pottery – what’s not to love about new skills
  4. Go to a museum or art gallery – because culture
  5. Have a movie or game night with friends – spend quality time with quality people
  6. Volunteer at a local organization – it’s the most fulfilling time you can spend
  7. Read a book or listen to an audiobook – we love the BBC podcasts
  8. Take a cooking or baking class – people who can cook are sexier, as a UK dating app recently found out
  9. Go to a comedy show or open mic night – nothing quite as confidence building as telling jokes to strangers
  10. Learn a new language or instrument – it’ll keep your brain sharp
  11. Plan a weekend getaway or day trip – a break is as good as a rest
  12. Go on a nature hike or bike ride – blow out the mental cobwebs
  13. Attend a sporting event or game – and cheer at the top of your lungs
  14. Go to a concert or live music performance – dance like nobody’s watching
  15. Host a dinner party or potluck – see cooking classes above
  16. Take a dance or fitness class
  17. Go to a comedy club or karaoke bar
  18. Try a new restaurant or cafe
  19. Take part in a guided food tour
  20. Go to a spa or get a massage
  21. Attend a workshop or seminar
  22. Play a board game or card game
  23. Go to a farmers market or garden show – and plan the upcoming planting season
  24. Take a day trip or visit a nearby town – may we recommend Perth, Ontario (close to our brewery)
  25. Visit a park or beach – getting into nature i good for body and soul
  26. Go to a bookstore or library – the smell of books is special
  27. Attend a religious or spiritual service
  28. Go to a theater production – forces you to be in the moment
  29. Have a picnic or barbecue – even during winter. Bring blankets
  30. Go to a honey farm or beekeeping tour – fascinating learning
  31. Take a hot bath or relaxing bubble bath – ahhhhh

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