Our chaga is wild-harvested in the forests north of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario.
The highest quality chaga grows on birch trees and takes up to 40 years to mature. To achieve the best flavour, it is harvested during winter, ideally at temperatures of below -10º.

We are extremely cautious when harvesting, GPS tracking trees for ongoing monitoring of growth and leaving a minimum of 20% of chaga behind for regeneration.

Once harvested, the chaga is dried and ground to a fine powder. We then ship it from the forest to our brewery in Ottawa where the extraction process happens. The extract is then blended with pure distillates of spruce tips and blueberries, micro-filtered, carbonated and canned.

We don’t add sugar,  sweeteners, or alcohol.

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What people are saying

The proof is in the drinking.

This drink brings refreshing satisfaction. Flavours are distinct and curious, made for sipping, enjoying. Our guests have been a range from hesitant to enthusiastic, all have come back for more.
Looking forward to the other two types.


I really like carbonated drinks but get tired of carbonated water, even flavoured, and the only other options contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. These are a great alternative! Great, natural flavour without the sugar, and no aftertaste!

Terri Mason

The nose just blows me away. This might be one of the best drinks I've ever had.

Sam Reinhardt

I have used Lively Chaga quite an few time and its very good product. its natural booster for health.

Ashveen Kar

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