Because lion’s mane mushrooms are very rare in the wild, ours are farmed on hardwood chips. Farmed Lion’s Mane has all the benefits of those that grow in the wild. 

Once harvested, the lion’s mane is dried, powdered and dual extracted. It then goes into our brew kettles, where we marry it with distillates of sumac and juniper for the distinct, gin-like flavour. 

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What people are saying

The proof is in the drinking.

I like to pour my Lion’s Mane in any type of wine glass or sometimes even a Champagne flute, depending on the occasion. This chilled drink is great all on its own but also pairs well with almost any food. It is especially complementary to lighter fare such as salads, chicken, fish and pasta dishes. It is my favourite of the three Boreal drinks. Light, bubbly and refreshing!

Stefanie Dineen

Love this product and their health benefits - appreciate the communication with the team too! Love that I can swap this for my afternoon coffee or with ice on the patio.


Great flavour, refreshing carbonation, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and no aftertaste. Well done!

Teri Mason

Tasted just like a cocktail, what a great job!.


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