The reishi in our drinks is sustainably farmed on hardwood chips. Reishi is quite rare in our forests and to keep our drinks sustainable, we prefer to use farmed mushrooms here. 

Once harvested, the reishi is dried, powdered and dual extracted. It then goes into our brew kettles, where we marry it with distillates of elderberry for a beautiful floral nose and just a hint of birch bark distillate. 

Reishi mushroom is often used to help enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. There is some scientific evidence of its effectiveness, including lab research and some small human studies.

Researchers are beginning to look at the chemical makeup of this mushroom to better understand how and whether it really works

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What people are saying

The proof is in the drinking.

I absolutely love these drinks. My favourite is Reishi Relaxed drink. I truly feel great after drinking it. When I drink this it is refreshing & a feel great feeling. I love the slight carbonation. I just ordered 12 cans to my home, need to stock up my fridge !!

Cheers & thank you for this amazing product!!!!

Robin H

I have tried all 3 blends and I am unable to determine if the Chaga or the Reishi is the taste winner. This is another incredibly refreshing and delicious blend from Auralis.! During this pandemic, many of my TCM Acupuncture clients have been struggling with heightened stress and anxiety. I not only promote mushrooms in my clinic but I promote this Reishi brew. I also promote it for those wanting to decrease their alcohol consumption. I love your drinks Auralis Botanical!

Annette Lambert

These are so great, I think the Reishi is my new go-to. I love that there's so much flavour without the sugar or caffeine, and it's healthy! I don't drink alcohol, and these are the perfect drink for me.


Fantastic berry flavour, and so great that there is no sugar. Love love love


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