We brew delicious drinks for the sober curious

(that happen to be healthy)

A drink with people we love brings us closer together.

But more and more of us are cutting back on alcohol, for all kinds of reasons.

That's why we brew and blend our adaptogenic tonics with functional mushroom extracts and adaptogenic botanicals instead of alcohol.

It's a brand new social drinking experience with all of the pleasure and none of the unwanted consequences.

Ready to drink something better?

Lion's Mane 4 pack


Chaga 4 pack


Reishi 4 pack


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Chef Dez Review (not sponsored)

Chef Dez tasted our drinks and had a bunch of nice things to say. Thank you Chef!

Where to buy in store

Our botanical tonics are already available at over 500 stores, restaurants, cafes, wellness clinics and gyms across Canada.

What people are saying

I absolutely love these drinks. My favourite is Reishi Relaxed drink. I truly feel great after drinking it. When I drink this it is refreshing & a feel great feeling. I love the slight carbonation. I just ordered 12 cans to my home, need to stock up my fridge !!

Cheers & thank you for this amazing product!!!!

Robin H

I have tried all 3 blends and I am unable to determine if the Chaga or the Reishi is the taste winner. This is another incredibly refreshing and delicious blend from Auralis.! During this pandemic, many of my TCM Acupuncture clients have been struggling with heightened stress and anxiety. I not only promote mushrooms in my clinic but I promote this Reishi brew. I also promote it for those wanting to decrease their alcohol consumption. I love your drinks Auralis Botanical!

Annette Lambert

These are so great, I think the Reishi is my new go-to. I love that there's so much flavour without the sugar or caffeine, and it's healthy! I don't drink alcohol, and these are the perfect drink for me.


Fantastic berry flavour, and so great that there is no sugar. Love love love


Lion's Mane, Sumac & Juniper

Meet your mind’s new best friend

Nootropics like Lion’s Mane have been used in Chinese herbology for hundreds of years to support mood and cognitive function. 

Bright and herbaceous, our Lion’s Mane, Sumac, and Juniper tonic is perfectly confident to be enjoyed on its own or a great team player when mixed.

Lion's Mane loves to mix it up with

  • On the rocks, in a large tumbler
  • Woodsy herbs, rosemary
  • Burnt citrus, or dried citrus slices
  • Figs, muddled
  • Camp fires, at any season

Chaga, Spruce & Blueberry

The pure energy of the North

From the Ainu in northern Japan to the Sami in Scandinavia to the Anishinabe in North America, Chaga has been used to boost mental and physical energy by the people of the Far North since time immemorial.

We craft our botanical tonics with Chaga, which has been sustainably foraged in the boreal forests of Northern Ontario, blended with spruce tip and blueberry distillates.

Chaga loves to mix it up with

  • Smoke
  • Dark berries
  • Ginger syrup
  • Coffee and coffee bitters
  • Tumblers
  • Cinnamon
  • Hot sauce (for real)

Reishi, Elderberry & Birch

Perfect for winding down after a long day

Delicate and floral, brewed with hardwood-grown Reishi and then carefully blended with pure distillates of elderberry and birch for maximum relaxation. 

Reishi loves to mix it up with

  • On ice, to wind down after a busy day
  • Mixed with the  sparkling wine of your choice for a delicious spritzer
  • Sprinkled with edible flowers 
  • A dash of citrus bitters
  • Stirred with a sprig of thyme
  • Served in champagne glasses

What people are saying

I like to pour my chaga drink into a small beer stein and enjoy it with a snack such as Jalapeño Cheetos or any other savoury chips. I really like that it is sugar-free and that it has antioxidant properties.

Stefanie Dineen

Delicious, refreshing , unique and absolutely so satisfying!
I really love all three varieties , Lions mane is my favourite!
Will be ordering more this weekend.
Thank you!

Colleen Mooney

This drink brings refreshing satisfaction. Flavours are distinct and curious, made for sipping, enjoying. Our guests have been a range from hesitant to enthusiastic, all have come back for more.
Looking forward to the other two types.


I am a registered acupuncturist and drink it in my evening clinics... I promote mushrooms to many clients and have promoted your botanical sodas to many clients already. I am an honest fan.

Annette Lambert

From our blog

What makes us different?

Made with real functional mushrooms

Our drinks are all crafted in small batches with real functional and adaptogenic mushroom extracts.

Zero calories

Because we don’t use sugar in our drinks, they contain zero calories, unlike kombucha, beer or wine.

No sugar, no carbs, no sweeteners

We’re relying on the brightness of our natural ingredients to deliver amazing flavours.

Contains 0% alcohol

Our brewing process produces no alcohol at any time, making our drinks suitable for all people.

Amazing flavours from natural ingredients

Our drinks taste amazing, flavoured with berries and botanicals from Canada’s boreal forests.

100% plant based

We do not use any animal or animal derived ingredients in any of our drinks, making them vegan friendly.
What are these drinks anyway?

Our drinks make functional, nootropic and adaptogenic plants available and accessible to everybody as part of a beautifully balanced range of botanical tonics, each with a distinct profile.


They are brewed with real nootropics, adaptogens and botanicals, such as elderberries, juniper and sumac, carefully selected to create an amazing drinking experience.


No sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no colours, no sodium, caffeine or alcohol. Just real botanical goodness, in a can, so we can all drink something better.

What exactly is a functional mushroom?

First off, functional mushrooms are not magic or psychoactive mushrooms – in short, they don’t create a high or mind-altering experience.


Functional mushrooms include chaga, lion’s mane, reishi and many others. They deliver a wide variety of nutrients thought to be beneficial to the human body and mind.


If you’d like to learn more, we highly recommend reading The Fungal Pharmacy written by Robert Rogers.


Simple enough for beginners to understand yet enough data to support the science behind the benefits of mushrooms, anybody interested in actually living their #bestlife should read this book.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that protect the body from stress. They do this by optimizing and stabilizing its physiological functions.

The term adaptogen was first developed by Nikolay Lazarev in 1947. He used it to describe ‘substances that increase the state of non-specific resistance’ in stress.

Are your drinks vegan?
All of our drinks are 100% plant-based. No animal products are being used during production.
How sustainable are you?

A commitment to sustainability is one of the core beliefs we share.


Our cans are made from aluminum, which gets recycled multiple times – according to the Canadian Aluminum Association, 75% of all aluminum produced when it first entered the product market as foil and packaging in the early 1900s still in use today in some form.


The chaga we use is being foraged in a sustainable and responsible way in Northern Ontario.


20% of the mushroom is left on the tree to regrow and any chaga less than the size of a basketball is left alone. Trees are GPS tracked for observation on growth rate and the general health of chaga in the forest.


Our reishi and lion’s mane are farmed on wooden logs.

Are your drinks carbonated?
Yes, our drinks are gently carbonated and micro-filtered. The carbonation helps to lift the subtle flavours and creates an amazing drinking experience.
What are nootropics?

Nootropics are a wide range of natural substances that are claimed to improve cognitive function or to promote relaxation, particularly boosting mood, executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals.

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